The first step toward change is to refuse to be deployed by others and to choose to deploy yourself. — Warren Bennis, contemporary organizational consultant and author

This workshop, the fourth workshop in the Path unit, concludes the Harvest the Power program. Like Workshops 4 and 8, it focuses on how a leader can give form and voice to a guiding vision as a congregation works through adaptive challenges. Through activities, readings and conversation, participants integrate what they have learned about adaptive leadership. The workshop points participants toward further learning, reflection and action in the service of the congregation and its mission and vision.


This workshop will:

  • Guide participants to integrate and apply what they have learned about leadership and about themselves
  • Offer a variety of opportunities to reflect on the qualities of an effective leader in a time of change
  • Demonstrate transparency as an essential aspect of congregational leadership
  • Point toward resources for ongoing learning, reflection and action to support participants' continued growth as leaders.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Practice listening deeply to one another
  • Articulate and express their understandings of the essential qualities of adaptive leadership
  • Explore adaptive leadership using a variety of metaphors and perspectives
  • Understand the concept and importance of transparency in congregational leadership and consider ways to promote transparency in their own leadership role and congregational setting
  • Work with others to create an expression of the essence of leadership.

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