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Before You Start

Before You Start
Before You Start

Determine the calendar schedule for workshops. Once you have determined which workshops you will offer, choose dates and times for all the workshops. Enter the information in the congregational calendar.

Invite participants. In consultation with your minister and/or leadership group, decide whom you will invite to participate. Participants might include members of the governing board, small group leaders, task force members and/or committee members. Make an effort to personally invite individuals to participate. Tell them what the program offers them as individuals and as congregational leaders. If appropriate, also use flyers, announcements and other publicity channels.

Choose a meeting space. The workshop space should be large enough to comfortably seat all participants and should have an easel or wall space for newsprint. Some activities call for a different arrangement of furniture, breakout spaces for small groups, or tables for working with art materials.

Arrange for childcare. If participants need childcare in order to participate, make arrangements to offer it.

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