Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Facing Death with Life: A Program for Adults

Handout 1: Looking Ahead to Workshop 8

The dying must often feel this way—steaming along just fine, while on ahead someone has torn up the rails. — Annie Dillard

For Next Time

To prepare for the next workshop:

  • Fill in advance directive forms or Five Wishes booklets. Make a plan for sharing them with medical people and loved ones.
  • Make a list in your journal of end-of-life decisions that need to be made and discuss that list with loved ones. Here are possible questions:
    • Do I want to preplan my funeral? (If yes, speaking with their minister is recommended.)
    • What do I wish to be done with my body or remains?
    • What financial and legal decisions need to be made, and whose help do I need in making them?
    • What do I want to happen with precious personal possessions?
  • Complete your artistic response to death and dying, such as a photograph, drawing, painting, poem, prose, song, music, ceramics, or dance.

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