Handout 1: Looking Ahead to Workshop 7

We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire. — George Sand, 19th century French novelist

Field Trip Information

Here are details for our upcoming field trip(s):

[Insert your information here. For suggestions about the field trip(s), see the program introduction.]

For Next Time

To prepare for the next workshop:

  • Write a draft of your own obituary.
  • Consider: At this moment, what epitaph do you want on your tombstone? If you don’t want a tombstone, where would you like your remains to be?

Looking Ahead

In Workshop 7: Preparation for Death [insert date here], a visitor will talk to us about palliative care and hospice care to explain some common end-of-life medical choices and advance directives. [Insert information about your visitor].

For Workshop 8: Sharing New Insights [insert date here], you are invited to share an artistic response to death and dying, such as a photograph, drawing, painting, poem, prose, song, music, ceramics, or dance. The creation of the project and nonjudgmental sharing with the group will yield delightful surprises and provide a way to bring together and express our emotional and spiritual learning from this program.

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