• Read the resources listed in Handout 1, Looking Ahead to Workshop 5, from Workshop 4.
  • Post Our Covenant from Workshop 1.
  • Customize and make copies of Handout 1, Looking Ahead to Workshop 6 for all participants.
  • Make several copies of pages 11-14 of Let’s Talk About Families and Loss.
  • Write on newsprint and post:
    • Do you remember when someone first talked to you about death? Was the conversation in response to the death of a particular person? A pet? A wild animal?
    • Do you remember how old you were the first time you experienced a death?
    • Do you remember how you felt?
    • How did others explain the death to you?
  • Talk with your religious educator, minister, or public librarian and obtain copies of suitable children’s books on death and dying.
  • Arrange books on a table near the chalice.
  • Test equipment and speakers; queue and preview the segment (15:06-21:08) of "When Families Grieve."
  • Review Accessibility Guidelines for Adult Workshop Presenters and implement as appropriate for your group and space.

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