• Read materials listed in Handout 1, Looking Ahead to Workshop 3, from Workshop 2.
  • Post Our Covenant from Workshop 1.
  • Customize and make copies of Handout 1 for all participants. Make copies of Handout 2, All Our Losses and, if desired, Handout 3, Loss: The Litmus Test of a Religious Faith.
  • Write on newsprint and set aside for Activity 1, Cultural and Family Beliefs and Practices:
    • What spiritual or religious traditions guide your expectations about what should happen at the end of life?
    • In your experience, what role does family play in end-of-life decisions?
    • What role would you like your immediate or extended family to play in end-of-life decisions for you? For your loved ones?
  • Test equipment and speakers; queue and preview What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?, or prepare a brief summary of the contents.
  • Review Accessibility Guidelines for Adult Workshop Presenters and implement as appropriate for your group and space.