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  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Chalice, candle, and lighter or LED/battery-operated candle
  • Our Covenant from Workshop 1
  • Handout 1, Looking Ahead to Workshop 4
  • Handout 2, All Our Losses
  • Three-ring binders with clear plastic covers, one for each participant who does not already have one
  • Three-hole punched paper, both lined and unlined
  • Colored pencils, markers, pens, and pencils
  • Meditative music and player
  • Computer or video player, speakers, and screen
  • What Happens Inside a Dying Mind? video (2:17), The Atlantic, March 19, 2015. Or watch the video yourself or read “The Science of Near-Death Experiences” by Gideon Lichfield (The Atlantic, April 2015) and prepare to briefly summarize the contents
  • Optional: Handout 3, Loss: The Litmus Test of a Religious Faith

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