Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Facing Death with Life: A Program for Adults


  • Lay out black cloth on table. Fill cups with different colors of sand and place around the outside edge of the black cloth. Put chalice and candle aside.
  • Write on newsprint and post:
    • My name is __________________.
    • What am I hoping to get out of this program?
    • What thoughts and emotions come to the fore when I reflect on death and dying?
    • What do I need to leave behind to be present in this group?
  • Post blank newsprint and label it “Our Covenant.”
  • Make copies of Handout 1, Quotations for the Common Bowl. Cut one copy into strips as indicated. Place the quotes in the bowl.
  • Customize and make copies of Handout 2, Looking Ahead to Workshop 2.
  • Obtain the video Up. Many public libraries have copies of the film.
  • Copyright law requires that you seek permission to show copyrighted video in any context other than your own home. Seek permission from Swank Motion Pictures to show a clip from Up of fewer than 15 minutes. Contact Meghan Edwards (; 800-876-5577). Cost is $100.
  • Test equipment and speakers; queue and preview scenes 2 and 3 of Up.
  • Review Arrangements to Make in Advance in the Introduction, and prepare to share any information you have with participants.
  • Review Accessibility Guidelines for Adult Workshop Presenters and implement as appropriate for your group and space.