For Next Time

Activity time: 15 minutes

Share with participants upcoming plans so that they are prepared for upcoming workshops. Tell them that Workshop 7 will include presentations by professionals about advance directives, living wills, and end-of-life medical needs, and that in Workshop 8, they will be invited to share their artistic response to death and dying, such as a photograph, drawing, painting, poem, prose, song, music, ceramics, or dance. Assure them that although they may feel initial resistance, nonjudgmental sharing of this kind will yield delightful surprises. Details about this will come in future workshops. Share your plans to visit a funeral home, cemetery, or crematorium to learn about funeral preparations. Set a date for the field trip(s), if you have not done so already.

Distribute Handout 2, Looking Ahead to Workshop 2.

Ask participants to read the materials listed and to bring one or two personal objects as described on the handout.

Explain that the section Find Out More in the handout lists additional resources they may wish to explore.