Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Facing Death with Life: A Program for Adults

Activity 5: Guided Meditation

Activity time: 15 minutes

Invite participants to settle down and relax. Lead a guided mediation using these words:

Remove things from your hands, and place your hands comfortably on your lap. Place your feet flat on the ground. Your eyes may be open or closed as desired. Take slow, deep breaths, release each with intention, let go of any worries or concerns. Remember a time when you first experienced a death. What was happening? What were you feeling? Sadness? Confusion? Fear? Love? Remember to breathe deeply and slowly. Are those feelings still with you today? Experience them. It’s okay to feel them. Do you want them with you tomorrow? Or do you want to let them go? It’s your choice. Breathe deeply and slowly. This first time of experiencing a death will be with you always. How do you want it to influence you tomorrow? It’s your choice. I invite you to let go of the fear. Let go of the guilt. Invite love in. Let love into your heart and body. Slowly, as you’re ready, come back. Signal you’re ready by opening your eyes.

Allow time for comments and reflections.