Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: What We Choose: An Adult Program on Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Activity 2: Reflection and Conversation

Part of What We Choose

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Journals or notebooks, one for each participant
  • Writing and drawing materials, such as pens, pencils, fine point color markers, and color pencils

Preparation for Activity

  • Set out writing and drawing materials where all can reach them.
  • Write on newsprint, and post:
    • Did you think you had enough information at the time to predict the results of your action?
    • Did your action produce the intended result?
    • Did your action produce results that were not intended?

Description of Activity

Invite participants into a time of journaling or drawing, saying:

Recall a time in your life when you acted with the intent of creating more justice or more peace in that moment or circumstance.

Allow a moment for reflection. Then, indicate the posted questions and invite participants to take five minutes to respond by drawing, writing, or making notes in their journal before sharing their recollections with a partner. After five minutes, ask participants to turn to a partner and share their story and reflections; say they have ten minutes for partner sharing. Midway through the ten minutes, remind the pairs to switch roles.

Gather the large group and invite comments and observations, asking:

  • What are your concerns when you must make an ethical or moral decision without as much information as you wished you had about potential outcomes?
  • Does lack of control of the outcome of a particular action make you less likely to take that action?