Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Principled Commitment: An Adult Program on Building Strong Relationships

Taking It Home: Collaboration

Affection ConnectionCollaboration

Extend your exploration of collaboration by trying one or more of these activities on your own.

For Couples: Conflict Engagement Styles

Take home Handout 1, Styles of Conflict Engagement, which you worked on individually in the workshop. Discuss it together, sharing what you learned by reflecting on a recent conflict. Identify ideas for resolving conflict in a manner that's consistent with your value of the relationship and the outcome.

For Couples: Solving Problems Collaboratively

Take home Handout 2, Problem-Solving Chart for Couples. Try using the chart to tackle another problem, perhaps one more significant than the one you explored together during the workshop. Discuss whether you would like to use charts like this in the future to help you work through problems collaboratively.