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Taking It Home: Dignity

Affection Connection — Dignity

Extend your exploration of dignity by trying this activity on your own.

Seeing the Sacred in Each Other

Centering deeply on that which you hold sacred in one another can be an important step in honoring both the individuals and the partnership. In this activity, you are invited to meditate on all that is holy in your partner, create a small representation to honor him/her, and share that representation in a loving and sacred way.

Each of you will need a small box and a variety of art materials, such as beautiful ribbons, small stones, glue, paint, or other items.

Sit quietly and think about your partner. Imagine your partner in unpolished moments, when she/he is genuinely his/her imperfect self. Think about all that is holy and sacred about your partner. Think of the whole and of small details, and hold those feelings, images, and memories lovingly. Think of how sacred and intimate an act it is to let oneself be seen and known by another.

Now take a small box and decorate it to honor your beloved partner. Use the art materials to represent the images, details, and ideas you generated during the meditation. You may wish to layer art materials, to use the inside of the box to house more private ideas, and to add to your creation as you think more deeply about your partner.

When your boxes are complete, share them with each other.