Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Principled Commitment: An Adult Program on Building Strong Relationships

Taking It Home: Love

Affection ConnectionLove

Extend your exploration of love by trying this activity on your own.

For Couples: Couple Covenant

Take some time together to work on your couple covenant. You are encouraged to refer to your work from earlier workshops.

If you need some prompts to develop your covenant, you can fill in these blanks, or you can use a form of your own.

We will bring a spirit of ________________________________ to the way we relate.

We will try _______________________________________________________.

We will know ____________________________________________________.

We will strive to balance ____________________________________________.

We will show each other ____________________________________________.

We will help each other do/feel/be_____________________________________.

We affirm and promote ____________________________ in our relationship.

Be ready to share your covenant with the other participants at the next workshop.