Activity 2: Getting Acquainted

Activity 2: Getting Acquainted
Activity 2: Getting Acquainted

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Handout 1: Getting Acquainted (already in participants' folders)
  • Pens or pencils (at least one per participant)

Preparation for Activity

  • Select four statements from the list below to read to participants.

Description of Activity

This activity introduces individuals in the group to one another.

Ask participants to find Handout 1, Getting Acquainted, from their folders. Offer these instructions:

In the middle of the square, write the name you would like to be called by this group.

Using words, symbols, or pictures, respond to the following statements by putting one answer in each corner of the square. [Note to leaders: Read four statements only.]

  • A quality I aspire to in my relationship is . . .
  • Something people don't know about me that I would like to share is . . .
  • My partner and I met in . . . [year].
  • My hero/heroine is . . .
  • My partner's name is . . .
  • My favorite hobby is . . .
  • My passion is . . .
  • I love . . .
  • I am proud of . . .

Now think of four things about yourself - four attributes or qualities - that you like. Write each of those qualities or attributes along one side of the square.

Once participants have completed their squares, ask them to partner with someone they don't know well and share their answers for about three minutes each.

If there is time, ask participants to repeat the process with a new person.

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