Handout 2: Final Evaluation

We humans are deeply, fundamentally, inescapably, relational beings. Our spirituality, our experiences of the sacred, revolves around how we relate to ourselves, to each other, to the cosmos. — Rev. Peter Morales, in Bringing Gifts, a publication of the Latino/Latina Unitarian Universalist Networking Alliance

Which activities, experiences, models, and methods in Building the World We Dream About helped you stretch or deepened your understanding of race and equity?

Please describe a particular activity that was successful in helping you learn.

Please describe an activity that was less effective for you or disappointed you.

What did you learn about how race, ethnicity, power, and privilege play out in your congregation and in the world?

How did the program shift your approach to thinking about and doing antiracist, anti-oppressive, multicultural work?

What do you consider the greatest challenges of doing antiracist, anti-oppressive, multicultural work?

If you were to write a letter to a mentor or friend about this experience, what would you say?