Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults: An Anti-racist Multicultural Program

Handout 4: Reflection Group Questions for Groups Not Based on Ethnic-Racial Identity

Select a facilitator from the group to choose questions, read them aloud, and monitor the time. Use the Serial Testimony Protocol (Workshop 3, Leader Resource 3) to talk about as many of the following questions as possible. Note that there are more questions than your group will have time to fully explore. The facilitator should choose questions that will engage and challenge the group. Be sure to save 10 minutes at the end to synthesize your group’s reflections.

Questions About the Program

  • How is the program going for you so far?
  • What has been your previous experience of talking about race? When did you feel supported? What felt awkward or risky?
  • What insights were offered in the video clips that are helpful to you? What are you left to ponder about what the people said?

Questions About Identity

  • When and how did you learn about race?
  • If you are a person marginalized by race or ethnicity, when and how did you learn what it means to be a Person of Color or someone marginalized by race or ethnicity? What early messages did you receive?
  • If you are a White person, when and how did you learn what it means to be White? What early messages did you receive?

Spiritual Questions

  • How can Unitarian Universalism support antiracist work? In what ways does it sometimes fall short?
  • If you are a White person, how do you think White people can have a conversation about racial dominance without being pulled into cycles of blame, guilt, anger, and denial?
  • If you are a Person of Color, how do you think the theology of Unitarian Universalism speaks to People of Color and those from racially and ethnically marginalized groups?
  • What spiritual practices can you create that may help to dismantle the systems of racial dominance?

Closing the Exercise

As a group, prepare a list of highlights from your conversation to share with the other groups.