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Taking It Home: You Are How You've Lived: Exploring Individual and Group Identity

I sometimes find myself "examining my identity" as other people examine their conscience ... I scour my memory to find as many ingredients of my identity as I can. I then assemble and arrange them. I don't deny any of them. — Amin Maalouf, contemporary Lebanese author, from In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong

Share your identity map with trusted friends and family members and invite them to complete one of their own. How does your map and rankings differ from that of others close to you? How is it similar?

Reflect on the family, friends, and community circles you drew, and ask yourself:

  • Are my friends, family members and community influences primarily from one ethnic or racial identity group or are there multiple racial and ethnic perspectives represented in my circles?
  • If my influences are largely from one group, why is that? Is this something I want to think about changing? How might I go about that?

Respond in your journal, or compose a poem, song, or prayer for yourself or to share.