Leader Resource 1: Sample Program Publicity

For your newsletter or website

Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults is a Unitarian Universalist program that seeks to interrupt the workings of racism and transform how people from different racial/ethnic groups understand and relate to one another. Specifically tailored to take into account the life experiences and situations of young adults, it offers

  • honest and open conversations about race
  • tools to better understand your own ethnic and racial identity and journey
  • practical skills you need in your own life right now in an increasingly multicultural world

The program, facilitated by [names] will be offered by [sponsoring organization] [day, date, time, and place]. For more information or to sign up, please contact [registrar, contact information].

For Facebook page, Sunday e-bulletin, or other online post

[Sponsoring organization] is offering Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults, a UU program that guides honest and open conversations about race and practical tools for navigating a multicultural world.

Facilitated by [names]

Offered [date, day, time, and place]

Link to more information and registration

For Twitter

#UU program features honest conversations about race, tools for multicultural world. (Insert link to publicity/registration)