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Taking It Home

Taking It Home
Taking It Home

In my vision of a beloved community, I see a dazzling, light-filled, breathtakingly beautiful mosaic, a gigantic, all-encompassing mosaic, where each of us can see, can really see, and deeply appreciate each piece. We know that each piece is of immeasurable value. We know that each piece is part of a larger whole, a larger whole that would not be whole, indeed would not BE, without each piece shining through, and being seen and appreciated as its unique self. — Marla Scharf, First Unitarian Church of San Jose, California.

Write in your journal and/or share with a trusted conversation partner your experiences during the simulation or case study. These questions may help you reflect:

  • How would you evaluate the simulation? What did you learn from it?
  • How did your emotions and personal experiences influence your behavior?
  • What did you anticipate happening that did not occur?
  • What happened that surprised you?
  • Where/how did you use antiracist/multicultural skills?
  • What have we as a group learned through this simulation that will help us work toward building antiracist/multicultural community in our congregation?

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