Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Building the World We Dream About: An Anti-racism Multicultural Program

Handout 3: Simulation Descriptions: Social Justice Working Group

Mandy Patel, 38, a White female, is a stay-at-home mom with four children. She is very interested in environmental issues and chairs the 7th Principle Committee for the congregation. She has a perky personality, but often takes on too much and is seen by many as disorganized.

Mike Freeman, 17, a White male, is an active member of the youth group. He notes that the youth group service trip to New Orleans last year was a life-changing experience for him. He was recruited to serve on the Social Justice Working Group after he preached a powerful sermon about how his Unitarian Universalist faith calls him to work for justice. He is not quite sure of the role he is to play in this group, and wants to avoid being tokenized as the "youth voice."

Rob Kennedy, 27, a White male, is a human rights worker by trade. He also enjoys doing carpentry and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. He has a strong commitment to youth and often complains that the congregation never takes the views and experiences of children seriously.

Susan Roberts, 50, a White female, is a conflict resolution trainer. She has worked for the AFL-CIO as a union organizer. She is very suspicious of power, and often hijacks conversations due to her suspicions.

Dick Maasjo, 75, a White male, is a retired minister who has lived most of his life overseas. He worked for the CIA as an undercover agent. He wants to use his professional and life experiences toward the benefit of the disempowered.

Joyce Kane, 33, is a transgender member of the congregation. She just transitioned to her female self and wants to bring what she's learned about being treated as a marginal person to the social justice agenda of the congregation. Note: The person who takes this role is encouraged to choose a racial or ethnic identity for Joyce Kane.