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Taking It Home: Practicing Multicultural Competency

Wherever I go this year, leaders are telling me stories of what their congregations are doing to address issues of race and class. From film series to book groups to newly formed congregational task forces to deal with issues of oppression, the actions of UU congregations tell me that the 2006 responsive resolution [on race and class] was speaking to a real hunger in congregational life. This is a good time to build understanding and acquire competencies that UU congregations require to become truly inclusive communities. — Gini Courter, Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Find out if members or leaders in your congregation were aware of the 2006 General Assembly responsive resolution:

Resolved, that the Delegates to General Assembly are charged to work with their congregations to hold at least one program over the next year to address racism or classism, and to report on that program at next year's General Assembly.

If so, how did the congregation respond to the charge?

In the year to come, what will you do to bring your learning from these workshops to your congregation? Together with other workshop participants, meet with the adult faith development or programming committee, the minister, and/or other appropriate congregational leaders to plan what you will do.