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Handout 2: Cummings' Identity Map

From a 2008 dissertation, "An Educational Model of Pastoral Care to Support Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Unitarian Universalist Congregations," by Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings. It was adapted from P. A. Hays, "Addressing the Complexities of Culture and Gender in Counseling," in Journal of Counseling and Development 74 (March/April 1996), 332-38: Copyright American Counseling Association. Used with permission.

Cummings' Identity Map

  • Year Born-Age
  • Year Born/Age—significant cultural events
  • Geographic Areas Lived: childhood/adult
  • National Identity
  • Ethnicity/Race, first language, language spoken at home
  • Religious/spiritual orientation; childhood/adult
  • Socioeconomic status; childhood/adult
  • Disabilities
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender