How can we honor Our Whole Lives "graduates"?

Our Whole Lives is a significant program in people’s lives. A congregation may wish to recognize Our Whole Lives graduates and facilitators in a way visible to the rest of the congregation. Many congregations give a small gift to “graduating” participants. Ideas have included:

  • A book appropriate to the developmental stage of participants can be a welcome gift. Some options can be found in the Resources sections of each grade level of the curriculum. Your program facilitators could sign and date the flyleaf of the book.
  • Our Whole Lives bookmarks, which related Unitarian Universalist Principles to sexuality education (a congregation printed these themselves, based on Sexuality and Our Faith materials).
  • A nicely bound copy of all the Our Whole Lives program handouts for each participant. (The ones given out throughout the year tend to get lost.)
    An Our Whole Lives “scrapbook” with pictures of participants and memories.
  • Pins, pendants, or bracelets from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bookstore.
  • Our Whole Lives certificates, customized by the congregation. Some congregations create wallet cards with a mini-certificate our owl image on one side and phone numbers and website addresses for hotlines related to sexuality on the reverse.

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