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Interfaith Engagement on Your Campus

Form an interfaith group to develop your own faith identity when there is a drought of Unitarian Universalists on your campus. Or, grow and thrive your campus ministry group through interfaith engagement.

Interfaith Engagement for One

Are you the only Unitarian Universalist (UU) on campus? Being part of a community with other people of faith is probably the most important thing you can do to develop your UU identity. Your first step is to find the answer to this simple question:

Is there an active interfaith student group on your campus?


  • Join!


  • Start one!
  • Seek help from the Interfaith Youth Core, which trains students and faculty to start an interfaith group centered around service and conversation at their Interfaith Leadership Institutes.
  • The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has a limited amount of funding available to sponsor students to attend Interfaith Leadership Institutes. If you are interested, please refer to Grants and Program Support for information on funding.

Interfaith Engagement for a Campus Ministry Group

Involvement in an interfaith organization is often the key to discovering successful programming techniques on your campus and meeting ally groups for event planning.

The interfaith organization on your campus might be a council of student representatives or a group of campus ministers who gather regularly. It could be an organizing body for social justice projects and holiday events or a gathering of chaplains who determine campus-wide programming.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as your group seeks to engage with your campus' interfaith organization, beginning with:

Does such an organization exist?


  • Who is part of the group (i.e.: students, campus ministry professionals, both?)
  • What is their purpose and what to they do?
  • How could your group benefit from involvement with this group?
  • How could your group enrich this group?
  • How do you gain membership/affiliation with the group?


  • What could be gained by organizing one?
  • Are there enough religious groups on campus to have an interfaith organization?
  • Is it possible to collaborate with other groups for events, ranging from service projects to celebrating each other's holiday traditions, without an interfaith organization?

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