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  • Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity

    A UU, two Hindus, and a Baha’i walk into a Christian Ethiopian restaurant. The opening line to a culturally insensitive joke? No, my last dinner at the Parliament of the World’s Religions. In October, I attended the fifth Parliament in Salt Lake City. This one followed two...
    By Jessica York | 11/23/2015
  • Southern Witness: Inspiration from Our History

    How would your congregation respond if a bomb threat forced you to shorten the post-service reception welcoming new members and re-locate child care for the stewardship dinner that evening? In March of 1965 Unitarian Universalists in Birmingham, Alabama, responded to such a...
  • From Long Ago and Many Lands….to Here and Now!

    A fine way to celebrate August 2, the birthday of Sophia Fahs, is to take a look at her classic story collection, From Long Ago and Many Lands: Stories for Children Told Anew. It is now available on the Unitarian Universalist Association website, at no charge (PDF, 288 pages...
    By Pat Kahn | 8/4/2015
  • Channing Is Still Relevant on "the Noblest Work on Earth"

    In a previous Call and Response post (Parents and “Fellow Laborers,” July 2013), we shared advice for parents from the famous Sunday School Address by William Ellery Channing (1780-1842). The Unitarian minister also had lots to say for those who teach in our religious...
    By Pat Kahn | 5/25/2015
  • Who Said UU History Can’t Be Fun?

    The first completely online Renaissance module, UU History, has now been offered four times, including the field test in 2013. Participants have given glowing reports on the online learning format as well as the breadth and depth of the module’s content. It seems that using...
    By Pat Kahn | 3/15/2015
  • A Religious Educator’s Religious Educator

    By Judith A. Frediani [Editors' note: Reverend Dr. Roberta (Bobbie) Nelson died on January 2, 2015.] In 1997, the UUA’s pioneering sexuality education program, About Your Sexuality (AYS), was under attack on national television. The CBS network had obtained a copy of AYS’s...
  • Remembering Gene Navias

    By Liz Strong [Editors' note: The Rev. Eugene Barnett Navias , who died August 17, 2014, served the UUA as a religious education (RE) field consultant for nearly 20 years, then as Director of the UUA Religious Education Department (1982-1993). He gave us advocacy for...
  • Where Are We Now... in UU History?

    I am taking a UU history class with the Starr King School for the Ministry. But to you, my colleagues and friends, I’ll admit a secret: I’ve never been fond of history. In high school, history seemed to be a long list of dates and monarchs and wars. Classes improved in college...
    By Jessica York | 4/28/2014
  • UUs and the Battle for Christmas

    Many of us like to point out our UU connections with well-loved Christmas music and rituals. Charles Follen introduced the first Christmas tree in the United States. Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women sacrifice their own Christmas presents for impoverished neighbor children....
    By Gail Forsyth-Vail | 12/3/2013
  • Subversive Ideas in Children's Books

    In her 2013 Minns lecture, Sticking with Stories: Unitarianism and the Creation of Children’s Literature, Rev. Andrea Greenwood described the emergence of books for children as a genre separate from mainstream literature. One unintended consequence of this separation, which I...
    By Pat Kahn | 8/29/2013
  • Parents and “Fellow-Laborers”

    Many UUs, if not most, are familiar with William Ellery Channing and what he said about “the great end in religious instruction” because they are familiar with the responsive reading of that name, Reading 652 in the Unitarian Universalist hymnbook, Singing the Living Tradition....
    By Pat Kahn | 7/29/2013

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