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Harvest the Power 2020

Build for This by Molly Costello

Art by Molly Costello; used with permission.

We’ve been planting seeds of justice for weeks, months, years, and generations.

In this season of pandemic, elections, and uprisings, this is the time to Harvest the Power of our values, our organizing, and our shared imagining of a more just and loving world.

Join with UUs across the country in these opportunities to deepen our relationships, draw on the sources of wholeness and strength in which we are rooted, and move together in powerful ways for justice.

This moment of collective action and faith formation weaves together all Unitarian Universalist justice ministries. This is a shared endeavor between UUA, Side with Love, UU the Vote, and UUMFE.


Event Calendar

Ahead of these events, ground yourself in our theological grounding around decarceration, decriminalization, and democracy.

Land Loves Us Back by Molly Costello

Art by Molly Costello, used with permission

Spiritual and Theological Grounding

Educational Background

  • Doctrine of Discovery: The Doctrine of Discovery is built into U.S. government, laws, dominant culture, and the way we think about problems that face our nation and world. It is a frame that hides in plain sight, and its devastating effects continue to this day. The 2012 UUA General Assembly passed a resolution repudiating the doctrine and calling for the full implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
  • An Invitation to Move Toward Land Acknowledgments & Beyond: Research, acknowledgement and development of relationships and solidarity with Indigenous people are an important part of resisting and countering the ongoing erasure of Indigenous people. They are also an important part of the reckoning of our congregational and denominational participation in or benefitting from our white supremacist colonial past and present. 
  • Plymouth 400th Remembrance in 2020: A major focus of the 2020 General Assembly (GA) was partnership with Indigenous leaders in the Northeast and beyond to explore how to co-exist in right relationship with one another and the land we occupy. This is a curated collection of programs to view from General Assembly 2020, inviting reflection and action.

Opportunities for Action

  • Petition calling on the Bureau of Prisons to address the public health crisis in federal prisons and decarcerate Indigenous Water Protector Rattler and other prisoners who have minimal time remaining on their sentences
  • Participate in UU the Vote's Week of Action, and help to reach 2 million eligible voters ahead of Election Day.
  • Get your weekly update of what is happening in movement at this moment with Side With Love, UUA, UUSC, and BlackPAC in our Movement Moday Moment livestream, Mondays through November 9, 12:30pm ET - 1:15pm ET.