Curricula & Trainings on Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, and Multiculturalism

Here you'll find an overview of some of the programs and curricula that Multicultural Growth & Witness offers. Please click through to learn more about each resource. You can also download a flyer describing those offerings (PDF).

  • Building the World We Dream About is a self-administered Tapestry of Faith program for adults that offers a strong introduction to anti-oppression. Through 24 two-hour workshops, it seeks to interrupt the workings of racism and transform how people from different racial/ethnic groups understand and relate to one another.
  • Examining Whiteness is a self-administered 6-8 module curriculum targeted to white individuals and groups who want to further their white anti-racist identities. The curriculum covers such topics as the history of white supremacy in the United States, the shaping of white identity by racism, white power and privilege, and developing a positive white identity.
  • The Social Justice Empowerment Workshop helps participants assess the quality and effectiveness of their collective social justice work and how they can best put their faith into practice. Available for congregations, clusters, or districts and led by an experienced facilitator, the one- or two-day-long workshop shares best practices around engaging the whole organization, identifying social justice initiatives that are a good fit, and developing an action plan for next steps.
  • Developed out of a gathering of 32 leading Unitarian Universalist theologians, ministers, and activists in January 2009, A People So Bold is a DVD paired with online curriculum materials designed to help congregations and individuals discuss how we understand suffering, oppression, and injustice in the light of our faith.
  • The Mosaic Project is an assessment project that focuses on identifying the Unitarian Universalist ministry needs of Youth and Young Adults of Color.

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