The UUA's "Love reaches out" Tent at WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island, during General Assembly 2014

The UUA's Love Reaches Out tent at Waterfire in Providence, RI, during General Assembly 2014.

The UU brand identity shows who we are, what we do and why it matters
UU Brand Identity
Vision for UUism

Boldness. Compassion. Reverence.

Everyday, Unitarian Universalists (UUs) across the country live their faith by doing. From striving for social justice to radically embracing different beliefs, UUs have been a bold people since the beginning. Our hearts call us to care for our friends and neighbors, and to advocate for a fairer and more equal world. We unite in spirit through communities of meaning, asking with the big questions and learning how to better live our values each day.

Yet too often, when new members find us they ask “where has this been all my life?” We hide our light under a bushel and fail to share our vision for a better tomorrow. Imagine a day when lengthy explanations and “elevator speeches” about Unitarian Universalism aren’t necessary anymore because our faith is known far and wide as a force for good in the world. 

Advance Our Faith in the World.

The goal of the brand identity is to create a shared way for Unitarian Universalists to effectively communicate who we are, what we do, and why it matters. There is power in numbers. The more UU congregations, groups and individuals who use the brand identity, the louder our voices can become and the more likely we are to break through the media noise with our message of healing and hope.

Intended as a single flexible approach which is usable by many different UUs, the brand identity answers the call for growth and increased visibility which has come from thousands of UUs across the country and the 2012 Gathered Here report.

Communicate from the First Impression.

Working from the core values of boldness, compassion and reverence, which were identified through extensive conversations with UUs from across the country, the brand identity includes graphics, text and images that communicate these values from the first impression. Download the UU Brand Identity Guidelines (PDF) for all UU individuals and groups.


Starting with the UU logo, graphics also include colors, fonts, patterns and a distinct color stripe that feel a warm, energized and exciting. Download these graphic elements for your use.


Whether creating a website, brochure, or newsletter, the words we choose send a signal about who we are and what is important to us. Read the brand idenity guidelines (PDF) for how to write in a way that communicates our core values.


We are making a shift in the way that UUs present themselves: from abstract to specific, from general to personal, and from institutional to relational. High quality photos and images are a key to this shift, and should be a major part of all communications. Read the quick reference sheet found in the brand identity guidelines (PDF) for tips on using images that connect to the brand identity.

For more questions about the brand identity, logos or how to use them in your context, contact the UUA Outreach Team at 617.948.4240 or outreach [at] uua [dot] org.

Study Guide

UU congregations and groups can use the three-session Love Reaches Out study guide to explore how they can use this message of justice and compassion to reach out into their communities and spread UU values. 

Visit the Outreach page to download the study guide. 

Virtual Tools

Get templates for congregational websites and email newsletters that use the UU brand identity. Pamphlets with the new look and feel are also available for purchase online. 

Visit the Outreach page for these virtual tools. 

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