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Social Media Reverse Quiz Game: Leader Resource 1 of the Congregations & Beyond Discussion Guide
Vision for UUism, Vision for UUism
  1. A: This new and fast-growing site allows users to “pin” images from around the Internet.
    Q: What is Pinterest?
  2. A: This site has 800 million active users. I wish I had that many pals!
    Q: What is Facebook?
  3. A: You might not hear birds, but you might get a celebrity update in 140 characters.
    Q: What is Twitter?
  4. A: Every gmail user is familiar with this site that offers spaces for you to “hang out”.
    Q: What is Google+?
  5. A: Personalized streams of square, vintage photos which are instantly uploaded from your phone.
    Q: What is Instagram?
  6. A: Reblog, reblog, reblog! Posts rapidly make the rounds of this site!
    Q: What is Tumblr?
  7. A: A site for storing and sharing high-quality images.
    Q: What is Flickr? (could also be What is Picasa? Or What is Photobucket?)
  8. A: Originally they were personal online diaries—now they come in a variety of forms—some are for text, some for photos, some for news.
    Q: What is a blog?
  9. A: Professionals go here to meet and greet!
    Q: What is Linkedin?
  10. A: A space dedicated to selling hand-made or vintage items.
    Q: What is Etsy?

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