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UUA Publications Update
UUA Publications Update for March 2019

New Publications

The Interfaith Family Journal

“Susan Katz Miller has created a glorious and indispensable workbook for interfaith families navigating their collective spiritual life. She guides family partners through a series of smart journaling exercises that will help them see what would nourish them most thoroughly in the spiritual dimension and how to change and grow gracefully in that path. As someone who writes and teaches about how to create powerful personal and family rituals, I’m deeply impressed with the way she emphasizes tradition and helps families assess how to amplify and expand their own.” —Meg Cox, author of The Book of New Family Traditions: How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays & Every Day

From one of today’s leading thinkers about interfaith relationships comes this hands-on journal and companion for couples and families who live together but practice different religions (or none). Following a dynamic five-week program, spouses and partners can use the journal together to decide how to be religious (or not) in their home. By writing directly in the book in response to insightful prompts, and by carrying out suggested activities and exercises, couples delve into deep reflection together and learn to honor each other’s spiritual and cultural needs.

Susan Katz Miller is a former correspondent for Newsweek and New Scientist, and her writing has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and elsewhere. She is the child of interfaith parents, the parent of interfaith children, and the author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family. A leading expert on interfaith families, she has been featured on The Today Show, CBS, PBS, several NPR programs, and many other media outlets.

After the Good News: Progressive Faith Beyond Optimism 

Progressive faith is at a crossroads. Liberal pulpits ring with grand sermons about the arc that bends toward justice and about progress "onward and upward forever." Meanwhile, the people in the pews struggle to attend to the suffering of their souls and the tragic aspects of life. In this engaging polemic, using stories and metaphor, Nancy McDonald Ladd issues a call for change. Speaking from a rising generation of clergy and lay leaders who formed their commitments to liberal religion at the end of the optimistic modernist age, she shows how the religious life is characterized not by endless human advancement but by lurching movement, crisis-management, and pain.

With humor and humanity, Ladd calls religious progressives to greater authenticity and truth-telling rather than mere optimism. She charts a course forward that includes reclaiming rituals of atonement and lament and becoming more vulnerable and accountable in our relationships. She shows how, together, we might build a necessary and greater resilience among ourselves and for the generations to come.

Recent Media Coverage:

  • Nancy McDonald Ladd was on The VUU: A UU Talk Show in February. Check out the fascinating and thought-provoking discussion online.
  • An adapted excerpt from After the Good News will be featured in the upcoming Spring 2019 issue of UU World.

Announcements and Resources

Workshop availability for Susan Katz Miller

Got religiously complex families in your congregation? UU and Jewish? UU and Buddhist and atheist? Susan Katz Miller is the author of The Interfaith Family Journal and Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family. She gave the Sophia Fahs keynote at the 2015 General Assembly and has appeared on The Today Show, CBS, PBS, and NPR. Miller gives guest sermons, workshops, and talks, and hosts story slams. She's available to UU congregations, to facilitate on topics including "#GenInterfaith: Now It's All of Us," "Finding Your Path: Ways of Being an Interfaith Family," and "Interfaith Story Slam: Speaking Out on Complexity and Fluidity."

To arrange to bring Miller to your community, contact info [at] susankatzmiller [dot] com

March's Justice and Spirit Goodreads Book Club Pick!

March's Justice and Spirit Goodreads Book Club pick is Women Warriors: An Unexpected History by Pamela D. Toler (Beacon Press). The woman warrior is always cast as an anomaly—Joan of Arc, not GI Jane. But women, it turns out, have always gone to war. In this fascinating and lively world history, Pamela Toler not only introduces us to women who took up arms, she also shows why they did it and what happened when they stepped out of their traditional female roles to take on other identities. From Vikings and African queens to military doctors and WWII Russian fighter pilots, these are the stories of women for whom battle was not a metaphor. By considering the ways in which their presence has been erased from history, Toler reveals that women have always fought—not in spite of being women but because they are women.

Call for Submissions: 2020 inSpirit Title

Skinner House Books invites members of UU communities to submit proposals for the Spring 2020 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series. The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 15, 2019. Meditations can be prose or poetry, humorous and personal or formal and liturgical. All meditations should be suitable for both private reflection and public worship. For more information visit the submissions page

Call for Submissions: A Multicultural, Multiethnic, Holiday Worship Resource

Rev. Marta I. Valentín welcomes original contributions for a Skinner House collection of multicultural, multiethnic holiday worship elements. This resource centers on the intersection of your culture/ethnicity and Unitarian Universalism and will be limited in scope to original material that celebrates various holidays. The deadline for submissions has been extended to April 1, 2019. For more information visit the submissions page.

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