Request for Proposals: Nontraditional Rituals

Image of an open book opening into the ocean and shining sun.

Skinner House Books is seeking proposals for a book of religious rituals for occasions that aren’t normally marked with rituals, as well as nontraditional approaches to otherwise familiar rituals. Rituals might include but are not limited to occasions such as divorce, gender transition, miscarriage, abortion, adoption, bridging into elderhood, coming out of the closet, removing life-support from a loved one, assisted suicide, blending two families into one, service of union for more than two partners, going to prison, returning home from prison, losing a home to foreclosure, and many more. Rituals may also include communal events, such as mourning the damage or destruction of a church building.

Submitters may propose that they serve as the editor and collector of an anthology of rituals, or as the sole author of the entire book. If proposing an anthology, submitters should provide the names of some of their potential contributors.

Please send a proposal as a Word document that includes:

  • a 1–2 page summary of the proposed book
  • biographical information about the author/editor that is relevant to the topic
  • 3–5 sample rituals

Send proposals by August 15, 2019 to: Kiana Nwaobia at

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