Call for Submissions: UU Book of Queer Theyology

An open book against the horizon and sun.

Lane-Mairead Campbell and Michael Crumpler are gathering works of queer theyology for Unitarian Universalism and beyond. We are especially interested in theology grounded in queer experience and theyology that centers a queer reading of sacred text. The hope is to collect a queer theyological framework in line with the recommendations from the Commission on Institutional Change and to provide theological language that is accessible, representative of the pluralism in the pews, and written by and for queer people.

Abstracts will be considered in mid May, responses will go out late May to early June, and final pieces are due September 15, 2022. Average length of submissions is 3500-5000 words.

To submit an offering, please send a 2-paragraph abstract to and by May 15, 2022.