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We gather to share a sense of transcendence, to nurture worthiness and meaning in our lives. The act of worship reminds us of our capacity to heal, to change, and to belong.

"O Spinner, Weaver, of our lives,
Your loom is love.
May we who are gathered here
be empowered by that love
to weave new patterns of Truth
and Justice into a web of life that is strong,
beautiful, and everlasting."
—Barbara Wells ten Hove

"Spirit of life, be present with us this hour.
Join us today as we gather in a wider search for truth and purpose.
In this quest, may we greet one another
with open hearts and minds;
may we inspire each other to consider new questions
and seek deeper meaning;
may we cultivate wisdom and compassion.
Let all who enter this sanctuary see a welcome face,
hear a kind word, and
find comfort in this community.
And may all that is done and said here today
be in service to love and justice."
—Kathy Huff

"In this familiar place, listen:
to the sounds of breathing, creaking chairs,
shuffling feet, clearing throats, and sighing all around
Know that each breath, movement, the glance
meant for you or intercepted
holds a life within it.
These are signs
that we choose to be in this company
have things to say to each other
things not yet said but in each other’s presence still trembling behind our hearts’ doors
these doors closed but unlocked
each silent thing waiting
on the threshold between unknowing and knowing,
between being hidden and being known.
Find the silence among these people
and listen to it all—breathing, sighs,
movement, holding back—
hear the tears that have not yet reached their eyes
perhaps they are your own
hear also the laughter building deep where joy abides
despite everything.
Listen: rejoice. And say Amen."
—Barbara Pescan

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