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Drive Time Essays Volume 3: Small Congregations
Leadership Development

Originally released February 2009

Welcome to Drive Time Essays Volume 3: Small Congregations, the third audio CD in our series, designed to provide helpful insights to leaders of Unitarian Universalist congregations.

  1. Introduction
    Author: the Reverend Harlan Limpert
  2. Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Small Congregation
    Authors: the Reverend Jane Dwinell and Ellen Germann-Melosh
  3. Take Time to Covenant
    Author: Eunice Benton
  4. Return to Covenant
    Author: the Reverend Karen Brammer
  5. Untangling Conversations
    Author: Paula Cole Jones
  6. Visionary Shared Leadership is the Key
    Author: the Reverend Dr. Thomas Chulak
  7. Hospitality is Basic—and Specific
    Author: Eunice Benton
  8. Small Power
    Author: Connie Goodbread
  9. Change in Small Congregations
    Author: the Reverend Dr. Ken Brown
  10. Driving to Worship Through the Back Roads of Rural East Tennessee
    Author: Herb Nachman
  11. Supportive Relationships Are Not Enough
    Author: the Reverend Dr. Tom Chulak
  12. Practicing an Outward Orientation
    Author: the Reverend Kim D. Wilson
  13. Small Congregations Live Social Justice Values
    Author: Don Skinner
  14. Can a Family Become an Institution?
    Author: the Reverend Dr. Gordon McKeeman
  15. We’re Still Us, Just Bigger
    Author: Lorraine Dennis
  16. Never Say It Can’t Be Done!
    Author: the Reverend Karen Lewis Foley

Bonus Tracks

  1. Dependency in Congregational Life
    Author: the Reverend Kenneth Gordon Hurto 
  2. Group Centered and Leader Centered
    Authors: Jane Dwinell and Ellen Germann-Melosh
  3. The Importance of Small Congregations
    Author: the Reverend Ken Brown 
  4. Getting Unstuck
    Author: the Reverend Karen Brammer 
  5. Get Smart! Plan Ahead!
    Author: Eunice Benton
  6. Making the Leap with Fear and Trepidation
    Author: the Reverend Dr. Richard Spe 
  7. Creating a Multigenerational Culture
    Author: Michelle Richards

Music from DriveTime Essays #3 (MP3, 1:55 minutes)
Composed and performed by Don Julin

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