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3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth)

The third of Our Unitarian Universalist Principles calls us to affirm and promote "acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations."

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Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Spirit in Practice

A Chorus of Faiths


Love Surrounds Us

Love Will Guide Us

Spirit of Life

Faithful Journeys

Moral Tales

Wonderful Welcome

Amazing Grace

Uplift: Uplifting LGBTQ+ Experience Within and Beyond Unitarian Universalism

  • By Michael J. Crumpler
    A new approach to Welcome Renewal has come! To learn how to begin the Five Practices of Welcome Renewal at your congregation, please attend one (or more) of our monthly orientations.
  • By Jade Sylvan
    As we gather in the darkness and the light let us give thanks and witness to our chosen families who we have traveled a lifetime to find.

UU World

  • By Sonja L. Cohen
    A congregation bonds over its multiyear collaborative quilt project.
    Image credit: Pat Sturtzel works the long arm quilting machine for a collaborative quilt.
  • By Liz James
    Putting holes in things that used to be solid is hard. Some days, there is broken glass everywhere. And not all of us are skilled with the metaphorical power tools.
    Image credit: Part of open door with silver door-handle - Stock image
  • By Doug Muder
    Seeing my own racism is like any other kind of self-knowledge: Unpleasant, but very real.
    Image credit: Silhouette of man looking down with sunset in background.
  • By Celie Katovitch
    We ascend, or descend, inextricably linked with all others.
    Image credit: © 2014 Daniel Nevins
  • By Sean Neil-Barron
    It is time to stop expecting young Unitarian Universalists to save the faith.
    Image credit: © New Hope Community Bikes

Worship Lab: Posts on Crafting Worship

  • By Erika A. Hewitt, Erica Baron
    In our congregations, how often do we assume that preachers, music directors, and other worship leaders are there to fulfill our personal preferences?
  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    Failing to use a microphone is a form of exclusion. “When I’m excluded, I feel invisible. It’s as though I’m on the other side of a window from the room where almost everyone else is, and they don’t even notice that I’m stuck outside of their conversation.”