UUA Appoints Lisa Gregory as Communications Director

The UUA is delighted to announce that Lisa Gregory will be joining the UUA staff on August 3 as the new Director of Communications, managing and coordinating the UUA’s public witness and periodicals work and enhancing the visibility of Unitarian Universalism in the public arena.

President Susan Frederick Gray writes, “I am incredibly excited about the depth of professional communications experience Lisa brings to the role as well as her passion for Unitarian Universalism. Clear, consistent and powerful communication about the values and impact of the UUA is essential for achieving our mission of equipping congregations, training leaders and advancing UU values in the world.”

Lisa comes to this role with deep communications experience, fueled by a passion for education and social justice. She has defined brand strategy, shaped messaging for diverse audiences and held high-profile leadership positions at Harvard, Tufts and WGBH. More recently, she used this foundation to establish her own firm, Gregory Communications. Clients included the Museum of African American History (Boston), Harvard Kennedy School and the Office of the Mayor (Boston). She also holds a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Lisa’s commitment to making a difference is at the heart of her professional narrative. This work has included leading a national black history initiative for the PBS series "Africans in America", raising funds for an international Mandela Fellows Program and promoting kindergarten-readiness for all children. Community-based organizations have been integral partners, including neighborhood health clinics, black churches, after-school programs and indigenous outreach centers.

As an African-American, bi-racial woman, Lisa has found a sense of belonging, fellowship and a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist community. As a child, the UU church and Rowe Camp were welcome havens from racism and an important part of growing up in Connecticut. Lisa now lives in Medford, MA, supported by a circle of friends and family.

“I am delighted to join a team of talented UUA and Communications colleagues and embrace our mission of justice and equity. I look forward to amplifying the UUA’s messaging and communicating our values to meet this critical moment in history. I plan to advance a communications strategy aligned with the UUA’s commitment to bringing people together across race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability and economic boundaries. This role is an amazing opportunity to work towards building the more equitable world we imagine.”