Archive of UU Voices: Stories from the Movement
Archive of UU Voices: Stories from the Movement
  • UUA Appoints Lisa Gregory as Communications Director

    UUA announces the recent hiring of a new director of communications, Lisa Gregory, who will join staff on August 3.
  • Anna Bethea Appointed Lifespan Faith Engagement Director

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Bethea as Lifespan Faith Engagement Director, starting Feb 1.
  • Unitarian Universalist Association appoints Rev. Marta I. Valentín as Professional Development Director

    The UUA is pleased to announce the appointment of the Rev. Marta I. Valentín as Professional Development Director in the Ministries and Faith Development Staff group.
  • Unitarian Universalist Association Appoints Rev. Ashley Horan as Organizing Strategy Director

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) announces the appointment of Rev. Ashley Horan as the Organizing Strategy Director. The Organizing Director is called to strengthen the resilience of Unitarian Universalists, to organize for justice, and express our faith through...
  • Andrew McGeorge Appointed UUA Chief Financial Officer

    Andrew McGeorge will join the staff as the Association’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Andrew succeeds Tim Brennan who is stepping down after thirteen years as Treasurer/CFO. Tim plans to continue to work in the field of socially responsible investing as a consultant to...
  • Rev. Alicia Forde Appointed Director of International Office

    Starting April 1, Rev. Alicia Forde will lead the UUA’s engagement with global Unitarian, Universalist and interfaith partners, including supervising the UU United Nations Office and the Holdeen India Program.
  • Rev. Lauren Smith Appointed UUA Director of Stewardship and Development

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is pleased to announce that the Rev. Lauren Smith has been appointed Director of Stewardship and Development. In her new role she will oversee the UUA’s fundraising efforts, including Annual Program Fund contributions from member...
  • UUA Announces Organizing Strategy Team

    As of December 16, 2018, a new Organizing Strategy Team will be created to lead the UUA’s prophetic public ministry work.
  • UUA Announces Dr. Janice Marie Johnson Will Co-Lead an Enhanced Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group

    UUA announces that Dr. Janice Marie Johnson will become the Co-Director of Ministries and Faith Development on January 16, 2019.
  • Supporting UU Religious Professionals of Color—What Does it Take?

    Urgent concerns are being raised about the support needed for Unitarian Universalist religious professionals of color, including by the Commission on Institutional Change. Hear what the UUA is doing to respond and learn about ways you can take action on this critical issue to...
    By Carey McDonald | 6/8/2018
  • Black History of Unitarian Universalism

    In February, Americans say the names and retell the stories of African Americans whose achievements and contributions helped to shape us as a nation. When we investigate our shared past, we learn more about who we are today.
    By Susan Lawrence | 2/8/2018
  • Reflection on #MeToo

    Over the past several weeks, I have been listening to and reading the many #MeToo stories unfolding in the news, in social media, in private conversations and in public ones. The conversations have been happening nationally, but also within Unitarian Universalism. I have been...
    By Susan Frederick-Gray | 10/26/2017
  • Arrested As An Act of Moral Obedience

    The Rev. Robin Tanner, minister of worship and outreach at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, NJ, joined the Revs. William Barber, Traci Blackmon, Jennifer Butler and others outside of Senator Mitch McConnell’s office to protest the deep cuts to Medicaid...
    By Robin Tanner | 7/14/2017
  • Find your onramp to the UU conversation on white supremacy

    Right now, Unitarian Universalism is having a big, important conversation about institutional racism and white supremacy inside and outside our faith. It’s a big, important conversation, and it’s different for different people with different experiences and identities, different...
  • Gets Fresh, the website of the Unitarian Universalist Association, has just received a major refresher. With over 1.8 million visitors per year, is the virtual front door to 1000+ Unitarian Universalist congregations and communities, and offers a critical way for individual...
  • UUA Supports #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn

    In the past few weeks, over 550 of 1000+ Unitarian Universalist congregations have joined the independently-organized UU White Supremacy Teach-In on April 30 - May 7, 2017. It is a chance to look critically within our faith communities - for the ways racism, sexism and white...
  • UUA Staff Receive Award for Supporting Employees in the Military

    On Tuesday, January 10, six staff members of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) were awarded with the United States Secretary of Defense’s office of Employer Support to the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Patriot Award, an award given to individuals who have shown dedicated...
    By Lauren Walleser | 1/13/2017
  • Religious Activism: Political, Not Partisan

    Unitarian Universalists have a long history of political activism and public witness on a wide variety of social justice issues. Are you or your congregation interested in becoming more politically active? Do you have questions on what is and isn’t allowed especially as it...
    By Rachel Walden | 1/11/2017
  • 500 Clergy Join Peaceful Witness at Standing Rock

    On Thursday, November 3, over 500 clergy – including over 50 Unitarian Universalist clergy – answered the call to come to Standing Rock in solidarity, prayer, and action with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the water protectors. The goal of the peaceful interfaith witness was...
    By Jill Goddard | 11/7/2016
  • Defying the Nazis and Beyond

    Millions of Americans watched Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War on PBS on September 2016. The film by Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky tells the courageous story of two Unitarians who helped hundreds escape from Nazi-occupied Europe. Unitarian Universalists have been energized...
    By UUA Program and Strategy: Outreach Office | 10/12/2016
  • Love Wins

    Debbie Cenziper is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at The Washington Post. Over 20 years, Debbie's stories have sent people to prison, changed laws, prompted federal investigations and produced more funding for affordable housing, mental health care and public...
  • Wise Words for Your Ministry

    At General Assembly, the Service of the Living Tradition (SLT) has been described by some as a raucous party celebrating clergy milestones and by others as a solemn opportunity to honor generations of Unitarian Universalist ministers. Whether raucous or solemn, formal or...
    By Rachel Walden | 5/17/2016
  • How the Children Feel When Their Church is Wounded

    The Rev. Jamil Scott, International Order of Buddhist Ministers, is Acting Director of Religious Exploration at First Unitarian Society of Denver , CO. In November 2015, the congregation’s Black Lives Matter banner was defaced with red paint. This is his story of what happened...
  • The Radical Roots of Mother's Day

    Long before Mother’s Day was celebrated with brunches and flower bouquets, Unitarian Julia Ward Howe wrote her Mother’s Day Proclamation to urge women across the world to join the cause of peacebuilding. Her words held a radical call to create peace that still resonates today:...
    By Rachel Walden | 4/20/2016
  • Vote Your Values

    From our founding fathers to women’s suffrage to voter registration across all 50 states, Unitarian Universalists have a long history of supporting our democracy.
    By Jill Goddard | 4/15/2016
  • Celebrating UU Women in History

    March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on the incredible and often overlooked contributions women have made throughout history. Many Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist (UU) women have not only shaped and led the UU faith, but they’ve also left an...
    By Lauren Walleser | 2/16/2016

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