UUA Moderator and UUA President Issue a Joint Statement
UUA Moderator and UUA President Issue a Joint Statement

Jim Key, newly elected Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) moderator and the Rev. Peter Morales, UUA president, issued this joint statement:

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the years of dedication and hard work that our former UUA Moderator Gini Courter and former board members contributed in service to Unitarian Universalism. We also thank Tamara Payne-Alex for the quality of her campaign and for the significant issues she raised during it. Our Association is blessed with their profound engagement in our faith.

We recognize that the important work that remains to be done is in our hands. We are honored to answer that call and are determined to face the opportunities and challenges of our Association together.

Following a successful meeting today of the Board of Trustees, we can say with confidence that the Board and the Administration are committed to working in partnership to realize the vision, goals, and highest aspirations of our religious community. We are committed to building stronger, deeper relationships both within and outside of our community. We are committed to sharing the values and gifts of Unitarian Universalism with the wider world. With a renewed spirit of cooperation and collaboration, we are committed to standing on the side of love always.

For more information contact info@uua.org.

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