U.S. Military Aggression Only Sows Seeds of Hate
UUA Co-Presidents Respond to Bombing in Afghanistan

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) Interim Co-Presidents, the Revs. Sofia Betancourt and William Sinkford and Dr. Leon Spencer, offer this pastoral message in response to the recent news of the United States dropping a massive bomb in Afghanistan:

News that the U.S. military has used the largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal leaves us not only saddened but deeply troubled by our government’s escalation of hostilities. We regularly learn of innocent civilians killed by our attacks and know that this sows the seeds of hate. We urge our national leaders to seek solutions grounded in humanity’s deep interconnectedness rather than military aggression.

We hold one another in our hurting world as we struggle to make sense of these troubled times. May we take strength from each other as we move forward together on this uncertain path. Let us gather our energy to do the holy work of repudiating hate and aggression.


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