Showing Up For Our UU Living Tradition

The General Assembly logo, featuring the red UUA chalice to the left. The GA theme “Meet the moment: Reimagining radical faith community” is arranged in a circle. Pink letters GA are in the center, with a white web decoration to represent the World Wide Web connecting our multi platform event. In front of the letters GA, there is a purple silhouette of eight people holding hands. The persons depicted are of of varying shapes and sizes.

We are entering a momentous time for Unitarian Universalism. In a few months, we will gather for General Assembly (GA) either in person in Portland, OR, or online wherever you are. This will be an exciting and inclusive multiplatform experience with unprecedented opportunities to engage with UUs from across the country and around the world.

To support broad participation and provide time for discernment about business decisions up for a vote this year, the UUA Board of Trustees is offering multiple online events for UUs to take part in now and in the coming weeks. In this time when democratic institutions in our wider world are ever more under threat, it matters that we can show up faithfully for the democratic practices that make our faith tradition strong.

Beyond GA, there are more opportunities to help shape our living tradition. Our UUA President, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, is in her fifth year of a six year term and UUs will elect a new president at GA 2023. The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) is tasked with evaluating applications for president and selecting at least two nominees.

image which reads "Are you the next UUA President?" in branded colors pink and navy with a UUA logo and "apply now" button with pointing hand

The PSC posted the application form online on Monday, April 4 and they will be accepting applications through the deadline on July 15. Continuing the UUA’s commitment to dismantling white supremacy culture and other systems of oppression and receiving a wide pool of diverse applicants are top commitments of the search committee.

Candidates may also run by petition rather than through the PSC process. The petition process opens on December 1, 2022, and closes on February 1, 2023. Please share this important leadership opportunity with your constituents.

There is also an historic process under way to review and revise Article II of our UUA Bylaws. Anyone who has sought guidance or sustenance in our seven UU Principles and six Sources has a stake in the outcome of this review. Article II is the section of our Bylaws that articulates these points, as well as the UUA’s Purposes, our Inclusion Clause, and our Freedom of Belief Statement.

The Article II Study Commission, made up of UU youth and adult leaders from across our Association, is eager to hear from you about what changes are needed. Meet the members of the Commission and learn more about this historic opportunity to shape the future of our faith.

These are consequential, exciting times for Unitarian Universalism. However you decide to show up for this moment, your UUA will be right there with you.