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UUA Board of Trustees Nominates Two Candidates for Moderator

In 2010 delegates to General Assembly amended the bylaws of the Association to provide a nomination process for Moderator. The Board of Trustees was charged with nominating one or more persons for the Moderator position effective with the election that will occur at General Assembly in 2013. The bylaws require the Board do this work and announce nominations by February 1, 2012.

The Board created rules for this process whereby a Moderator Nominating Committee was formed to solicit interested candidates and recommend to the Board one or more qualified persons. Following interviews by the Board of these recommended candidates the Board has selected two very fine Unitarian Universalist leaders as our nominees for the position of Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA): Jim Key from Beaufort, SC and Tamara Payne-Alex from San Jose, CA.

Both nominees have extensive leadership experience professionally and as Unitarian Universalists. Jim has served as president of the Southeast District and is current chair of the UUA Audit Committee. Tamara is a former long term member of the UUA Board of Trustees and the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.

The process is not closed. Persons interested in being a candidate may submit a petition for nomination after March 1, 2012. More information will be available for all candidates after that time.

The Board appreciates the work of the Moderator Nominating Committee and the very dedicated Unitarian Universalists who offered their candidacy and have helped make this new process work. We are grateful.

Tom Loughrey
Secretary—Unitarian Universalist Association