Sana Saeed

Full name: Rev. Sana Saeed

Congregational Life Staff

Central East Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (267) 495-4035

Sana Saeed

Rev. Sana Saeed is the Congregational Life Staff for the Central East Region of the UUA since July. Previously, she was an Intern Minister for UU Ministers Association (UUMA) and was the President of Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM). She’s a graduate of Harvard Divinity School. She lives with her partner and beloved puppy Rumi in the Philadelphia region.

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Recently, I’ve been getting messages from more and more congregations who have passed the 8th principle. This is exciting!

By Sana Saeed | March 21, 2022 | From Better Together
Tagged as: #8thPrinciple, Principles and Purposes, Anti-Racism

When I think about covenant making, I think of Kintsugi.

By Sana Saeed | July 12, 2021 | From Better Together
Tagged as: Building Community, Covenant

We are layers and layers of stories passed down by our ancestors. Our stories are made from struggles and joys that have made us resilient. These stories need to be shared, because by sharing our stories we have the power to change the things that we feel are unjust and to keep hope alive.

By Sana Saeed | September 14, 2020 | From Better Together
Tagged as: UUA Districts & Regions, UUA Staff

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