Leslie Mills

Full name: Rev. Leslie Mills

Rev. Leslie Mills is a third generation Unitarian Universalist. She was dedicated as a child at First Unitarian Society in Milwaukee, and went through Coming of Age at Unitarian Church North in MequonWisconsin. After college, she joined the Unitarian Universalist Church of RockfordIllinois, where she felt called to ministry. After exploring the 12 UU churches in the Twin Cities during seminary, she was called to serve the Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin, Illinois, where she was ordained in 2016.

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A Unitarian Universalist Welcome After I graduated college, with my family of origin in turmoil, I moved to a place where I knew no one outside of the job I was working. As I young person who didn't know myself well yet, I had some messy relationships, with no healthy models to hold up as a mirror.

By Ted Resnikoff, Leslie Mills | January 17, 2017 | From Stories and Voices
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