Emily Parker

Emily Parker

Emily Parker is an emerging adult who is very interested in how we emerging adults go about this whole business of emerging with our UU identities. She is currently crafting her senior thesis on UU Bridging at Juniata College, and she plans to develop further publications with information and inspiration for how we can transform the UU bridging landscape.

Emily is also the co-founder and Secretary of the Unitarian Universalist Union at Juniata College. She lives in central Pennsylvania with one magical fish, four strong women, and innumerable mugs.

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Why do so many UU youth lose connection with UU communities as they move into young adulthood? Are we failing our youth? Or are we preparing them for their “free and responsible search for truth and meaning”? ...

By Emily Parker | December 21, 2017 | From Young Adults

New Orleans Service Trip by Emily Parker On this small lot in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, organic vegetables grow in rows. Honey bees housed in hives on the lot buzz by, and a bench constructed between cinder blocks doubles as a flower planter. Inside a modest greenhouse, a hodgepodge of...

By Emily Parker | April 14, 2016 | From Stories and Voices
Tagged as: Activism, Beliefs & Principles, Campus Ministry, Children's / Religious Education Sunday, Climate & Environmental Justice, Connections, Earth, Earth Day, Education, Equity, Faith, Growth, Homecoming / Ingathering, Secular, Sexuality Education, Teaching Methods, Unitarian Universalism, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35), Youth/Teens, Anti-Oppression, Faith Development, Social Justice

Record and Share Your Post-Bridging Experience Emily Parker's foundational study promises to make UUism more welcoming and spiritually fulfilling for all young adults. If you recently bridged we strongly encourage you to participate. – Ed. Where Do We Go After Bridging? If you are a Unitarian...

By Emily Parker | November 20, 2014 | From Events and Opportunities
Tagged as: Bridging Ceremony, Connections, Education, Growth, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development, Leadership, Secular, Teaching Methods, Unitarian Universalism, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35), Congregational Action, Faith Development

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