Alex Sherwood

Youth and Young Adults Program Associate

Lifespan Faith Engagement in Ministries and Faith Development


Telephone: 617-948-6516

Alex Sherwood, youth and young adult ministries associate in the UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement Office.

Alex Sherwood, youth and young adults program associate in the UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement Office.

Alex Sherwood serves his faith as the youth and young adults program associate at the UUA. A lifelong UU and Texan, he has lived and seen some of the ways youth and emerging adults are shaped by our faith, and how for many, Unitarian Universalism is held close as a home long after bridging into adulthood. Alex is excited to bring his experiences as an activist and organizer to the Unitarian Universalist Association to help foster leadership, build community, and provide tools for radical youth and young adult advocacy. He sees UUism as a faith whose strength comes from the mission of opposing systems of oppression around the world. When he isn’t doing the work, Alex can be found enjoying film, listening to audiobooks, or just hanging out with his two dogs, Ebony and Yoda.

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Better Together | Central East Region

Welcoming Neurodivergent Folx to Our Congregations

Evin Carvill Ziemer, Darrick Jackson, Alex Sherwood, Sarah Gettie McNeill, Jennica Davis-Hockett

From Better Together
The five of us have all known for some time that we, collectively, need to learn how to do a better job welcoming and fully including neurodivergent people

Events and Opportunities | Blue Boat

Youth and Young Adult GA Staff Emergent Structure

Alex Sherwood

From Events and Opportunities
UUA Program staff in collaboration with the current GA Youth and Young Adult staff teams, composed a new staffing program and structure for next year.

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