Youth Ministries

Photo of group of youth


Pacific Western Region (PWR) Youth Ministry is a revolutionary movement of Unitarian Universalist youth engaged in creating covenanted communities and dedicated to seeking transformation and the formation of holy space. 

Pacific Western Region Youth Ministry:

  • Cultivates radically inclusive and compassionate youth and adult leaders;

  • Promotes leadership recognition, development, and impactful activism - empowerment for positive change;

  • Increases access to opportunities for learning and spiritual growth, while also fostering personal resilience;

  • Embodies its values and carries them into the wider world by encouraging UU communities to lean into discomfort, supporting them as they grow;

  • Is dedicated to supporting traditionally marginalized populations through a commitment to justice and identity work with the goal of tearing down systems of oppression and building Beloved Community;

  • Advocates for commitment from our congregations and covenanted communities to the lifelong journey of Unitarian Universalism, by providing tools for faith formation and identity development;

  • Cares for youth and adult members of the community through a commitment to restorative practices and processes as a means of upholding and repairing covenant;

  • Is accountable—to our youth leadership and communities across the West, to our congregations, and to the broader institution of Unitarian Universalism.

Note: This vision was crafted through a joint meeting of the PSWD, PNWD, and MDD youth boards (Feb 2018) in consultation with the UUA Youth Ministry Associate and the PWR Youth Ministry Specialist. Post event, PCD YRUUP provided some critical feedback which resulted in edits.

In 2019, teen leaders from PSWD, MDD, and PNWD Youth Boards crafted the 7th bullet focusing on restorative practice.

Youth Events & Trainings

Find details about these offerings at youth ministries events.