Photo of nineteen young people of different racial identities outside holding a sign that says "end white supremacy"
PWR Multicultural Team
PWR Multicultural Team
Eight youth, members of the PWR Multicultural Team, in a selfie.

The PWR multicultural team is a group of youth, young adults, and adults who create resources and offer in-person assistance to support marginalized folks, particularly people (youth) of color.


Support Youth of Color at UU events with caucusing opportunities and supportive resources.


  • Practice grace and patience with one another.  
  • Commit to deeply hearing each other.  Try to understand a person’s story.
  • Have a willingness to make mistakes.  
  • Share of yourself.  Bring your whole self.  Be present for the work.
  • Be mindful of the larger picture, the mission of the team and of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Empower and encourage creativity and proactivity.
  • Prioritize the work and stay committed to it.


Composition: The PWR Multicultural Team maintains a membership ratio of 2/3 People of Color, 1/3 White Comrades.

Current Members

Youth Chairs: Elliot Ferrell-Carretey and Ramona Salgado

Members at large: Kari Gottfried, Alison Burgess, Eli Breidford, Paloma Callo, Karoline Moore, Emma Kazamaki, Steve Woodard, and Aisha Hauser

Getting Involved

Are you a UU youth or adult of color who is interested in this work? Are you a white comrade who is committed to racial justice? If so, please consider applying to join the MC Team by completing the MC Team Application. Applications will be viewed annually, with submissions evaluated each May for the following fiscal cycle (starting in July).

Questions for the PWR Multicultural Team? Contact the MC Team at pwrmcteam [at] gmail [dot] com.



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