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Worship Pianist - Fort Collins, CO
Worship Pianist - Fort Collins, CO

Progressive Congregation Seeks Worship Pianist

Our mission at Foothills Unitarian Church is to unleash courageous love in Northern Colorado and Beyond. We make this a reality by inviting all those who come in our doors to not only hear our progressive message but to become active partners in its unfolding work in their own lives, in our local community, and in the world.

The worship pianist is responsible for working with the ministers and the song leader to create a spiritually fulfilling worship experience and for creating a cohesive flow between elements of the service. In order to accomplish this, the pianist should be aware of the tone of the service the team is trying to create, as well as the needs of the congregation to be able to sing the songs.

The worship pianist will work with the other music staff and ministers to make this vision a reality.

Hiring Process

Corresponding to our policies, members and friends of the Foothills Unitarian Church are not eligible for this position. Hiring is an ongoing process, with a start date as soon as is possible for both parties.

Job Title: Worship Pianist

Job status: This position is expected to attend all Sunday worship services, with the shift generally beginning one hour prior to the first service. Generally, this is around 7:30am.

Compensation: This position will be paid based on each Sunday worked. The pay rate is $150 per Sunday during our 2-service summer schedule (June-August), and $200 per Sunday during our standard 3-service schedule (September-May).

Reporting relationship: This position reports to and is supervised by the Interim Music Lead.

Job Summary: Provide congregational singing support by playing all of the music for our Sunday services. Additional music may be requested for other moments during the service. This may include solo pieces prepared in advance, underscoring spoken elements of worship, or other incidental improvised music to aid in transitions during the service.

Physical requirements and working conditions: Standard requirements for playing the piano.

Core Competencies

Ability to learn music quickly: While every effort will be made to have music planned well in advance for services, we never want to be in a position in which our planning limits our ability to fulfill our core mission. Accordingly, sudden changes to the service may be possible, and so it is important that the pianist be able to adapt quickly to any changes which occur. The ability to create a lead sheet or chart from a recording or video is highly desired.

Familiarity with congregational singing: The ideal candidate for this position should have a strong sense of how to lead a congregation in song from the piano. This requires a strong set of core musical competencies, a confident and charismatic style of playing, as well as a strong sensibility for effective congregational singing.

Seriously Committed to the Work, but Not too Serious: Our mission is to unleash courageous love in a time filled with too much division and fear. Our staff takes this mission seriously, and orients their work towards this end. In order to take up this mission, we know that we must center joy and gratitude. Our ideal candidate will bring energy, fun, and a sense of humor in all they do.

Start Date: January 13, 2019

Contact Melissa Monforti, Interim Music Lead
melissa [at] foothillsuu [dot] org

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