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Facilities Manager - San Francisco, CA
Facilities Manager - San Francisco, CA

Title: Facilities Manager
Classification: exempt part-time position, .40 FTE
Salary: $1,500-2,500 monthly
Reports to: Director of Finance & Administration (DFA)

Facilities Description

The First Unitarian Universalist Church is a beautiful historic landmark building located in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The Sanctuary was built in 1889 of rough-hewn granite and the Church Center was constructed in 1968 with administrative offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and a chapel. Over the years, the congregation has supported building renovations for seismic safety and accessibility. We are currently in the midst of implementing $1.8 million in various building renewal and improvement projects with funds raised by the congregation in a major capital improvements campaign.


Staff at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Francisco are committed to embodying the values consistent with UU principles. Respectful relationships, behavior of highest integrity and open communications will be critical to the success of the Facilities Manager position.

Position Description

The facilities manager is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and efficient operation of the UUSF building, grounds, and equipment. The Facilities Manager works closely with the DFA to prioritize work, monitor progress, troubleshoot, and identify projects. The position plans, budgets and schedules repairs, including estimates on equipment, labor materials and other related costs.

While the facilities manager position is primarily administrative, the position will on occasion be required to perform maintenance, serve as point person on emergency response and assist staff with the more complex of their duties.

Primary responsibilities

Supervise various vendors and maintenance service contracts. Select contractors and vendors based on best value to UUSF and monitor and supervise them  for cost, performance standards, needs and efficiency. This includes general building repairs, maintenance and services, pest control, heating and ventilation system, waste disposal, grounds and fire sprinkler systems, fire and burglar alarms and kitchen equipment.

Responsible for the work schedule, coordination of the sexton staff. Interview and recommend candidates for available sexton positions. Determine suitable tasks and supervise various temporary workers hired for work on a part-time, occasional basis. Ensure that set-up requests are properly communicated to staff and performed to customer satisfaction

Perform and/or coordinate in-house repairs of equipment, furnishings and facilities.

Maintain maintenance records on the building, facilities and installed equipment. Create and implement a system of regular scheduled maintenance for major building equipment to ensure continuing efficient operation. Maintain current inventory of building-related supplies; plan for and monitor orderly storage.

Study and effect cost savings measure in energy usage associated with the heating and ventilation system, lighting and building usage and operator practices. Provide cost data on facility operating costs as required.

Staff liaison with church committees as required regarding building maintenance, improvements, modifications and/or operations.

Provide input for annual budget for building maintenance, repairs, furnishings and equipment.

Assist in long-term planning for maintenance of the facility and building renewal/capital improvements.

Assist in formulating policies regarding building usage practices as they affect overhead operating expense and labor.

Advise and coordinate with the Director of Finance and Administration on facility operating costs and overhead expenses associated with various tenants, guests and church groups using the facilities and equipment.


Must be physically able to perform duties associated with repairs and maintenance, including standing for long periods of time, using dollies to move large furniture or equipment, and lifting items weighing up to 50 lbs. Position requires reading contracts and communicating in writing to vendors, members, volunteers, and other staff.

Preferred Experience

  • 3+ years’ experience in facilities management position
  • Able to read and understand complex electrical, mechanical and automation systems Working knowledge of electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Able to communicate verbally and in writing to a variety of audiences Excellent project management skills

Analytical Skills

The Facilities Manager must be able to review diverse technical and cost information and make decisions based on needs and budget concerns.

Communication: The Facilities Manager must provide effective communication to their employees, and work with management to make sure the job gets done. Being able to clearly explain what needs to be done will be necessary.

Attention to Detail: Quality control is a large part of a facilities manager's job. Making sure cleaning, upkeep and safety standards are maintained, or efficiencies are discovered, is key. Leadership Skills: The Facilities Manager must motivate and coordinate employees, provide performance feedback and deal effectively with any disciplinary issues that arise in a respectful and clear manner

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to finance [at] uusf [dot] org.

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